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1) Where should I direct questions about this process? Please reach out to Goodwin’s ACC team via email at You may also use the ‘requests’ feature to submit a general question about this process or email your community manager. Note that the team processing applications is reachable at 281-706-8950.

2) Is there a cost associated with submitting an ACC application? Yes, the cost for applications, regardless of verdict or outcome, will be a non-refundable fee of $35.00 paid through TownSQ.

Pine Valley Property Owners Association Permit Fee Schedule:

• Home Construction (New/ Remodel) - $0.75 per sq.ft. of A/C space or minimum of $1,500.

• Boat House (New/ Remodel) - $1,500

• Garage - $0.75 per sq.ft.

• Guest House and/or Garage - $0.75 per sq.ft. or minumum of $1,500.

3) What is the response timeline when submitting an application? Goodwin’s ACC team will process applications as quickly as possible but will have up to 30 full days to cast a verdict.

4) Do I have to submit an ACC application? If you are making a modification to the exterior of your home, regardless of front, side, or backyard, then you will need to submit an application. This is to ensure that the intended project adheres to guidelines established by Pine Valley POA’s governing documents, does not create a hazard to neighboring lots, and does not detract from the overall aesthetic of the community or encroach on prohibited easements. Many variables are considered during the review of each application and the procedure is meant to protect property values for the homeowner, their neighbors and that of the association overall.

5) What if I ignore the ACC process and proceed with an unapproved project? Please adhere to the ACC procedure in place. Unapproved modifications or projects run the risk of creating issues to neighboring lots if made in prohibited easements, or if done with paint colors that do not compliment the primary dwelling. Unapproved projects are considered violations and will be handled in accordance with Pine Valley’s bylaws.

6) What if I do not want to use TownSq? Applications can be submitted via email, USPS mail, or online via TownSq.  Once received, the application will be uploaded to TownSq where the ACC will act on it.  We strongly encourage submitting via TownSq as it greatly reduces time delays.  If you have questions or need help with TownSq, please reach out to our ACC Team at or at 281-706-8950 for further assistance.

Mail architectural documents to: 

Goodwin & Company 

2425 North Central Expressway, Suite 500

Richardson, TX 75080

7) What types of applications are processed? Our team will process all architectural review applications, including fences, outbuildings, patio/patio cover/deck, room addition, exterior painting, re-roofing home, gazebo, pergolas, tree removal, home additions, driveway additions/extensions, window replacement, etc.   If you are in doubt, please reach out via email or TownSq and we will help you determine whether an application is required.